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Business Tax Tips

 Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

Small employer? Get the credit you deserve.

If you are a small employer. . .

with fewer than 25 full-time equivalent employees, pay an average wage of less than $50,000 a year, and pay at least half of employee health insurance premiums

. . .then there is a tax credit that may put money in your pocket.

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Forms and Step-by-Step Instructions

Form 8941, Credit for Small Employer Health Insurance Premiums and Instructions for Form 8941

Simplified home-office deduction calculation announced !!!!!

Individual taxpayers who elect this method can deduct an amount determined by multiplying the allowable square footage by $5. The allowable square footage is the portion of the house used in a qualified business use, but not to exceed 300 square feet. The maximum a taxpayer can deduct annually under the safe harbor is $1,500. The IRS may update the $5 allowance from time to time.

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